Friday, October 21, 2005

Navs and CTF

It seems to have been a while since I made an update of this thing, so let’s see what I can cover before I have to get to work on my homework for tomorrow…

Probably the most unusual thing about the weekend was that I didn’t go to Cru on Friday like normal. I haven’t been to Navigators since the start of my freshman year, but I decided to pay them a visit for one night. One reason was their speaker that night, a guy by the name of Zade Shaw. Zade was a Navs Bible Study leader in Cary until he graduated last spring and is a really solid guy. Another reason was that one of the nights I visited freshman year they had their annual game of Capture The Flag out on the Purdue gold course and I had a ton of fun. I decided that regardless of if I decided to join Navs or Cru, I’d try to go back and join them in later years. So, when I heard that Zade was speaking and CTF were on the same night, it made for a pretty easy decision. Naturally, I knew certain characters would give me a hard time if they heard I was going “dark side” for a night, so I chose to keep the number of people from Cru who knew I was going to a bare minimum.

I have to admit, it was kind of weird to see all sorts of Cru people I knew at dinner (Windsor, Mer’dith, etc) and know that I wasn’t going to see them that night. Once I got to Navs though; it was cool to see some of my friends like the Cary guys (Phil, Tim, etc) and the girls from Swing (Hope, Bethany, etc). Sometimes it was really funny, like when Bethany saw me, said “hey”, and about 2 seconds later does a very bewildered-looking double-take with: “…wait, aren’t you in Cru?” Zade’s message was a great summary of John Piper’s concept of Christian Hedonism. Afterwards; CTF was a lot of fun with 4 games and my team winning on the tie-breaker (I don’t count the 3rd game because the other team blatantly cheated). What’s “blatant,” you might ask? When both teams split up to go place their jails and hide the flags, they sent two people over with us (we didn’t know they weren’t on our team) who promptly volunteered to guard the flag while the rest of us tried a “fool’s blitz” tactic.

You know what…let’s just leave it at that for tonight. I have a lot more stuff to talk about (and pictures to post), but it’s getting late. One other quick little note: my parents are leaving tomorrow (Friday the 21st) with a team from our church on a 3 week missions trip to Romania. Please be praying for them at every opportunity. They don’t anticipate being in situations where infection is a possibility (and they have that Tamaflu (sp?) stuff just in case), but Bird Flu is a concern over there (the country has been killing thousands of birds to try to keep it from spreading). So yeah, please be praying for their safety and that their ministry would be effective.



At 5:03 PM, Anonymous amy c. said...

Cool, I went to a Navs meeting twice, too. I was very surprised that it was basically a much smaller version of CRU (with Praise band, a speaker (he was awesome,) and one of the nights I went, there was also a mixer.) It actually made me wish that it wasn't the same night as CRU so I can go back more often.


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