Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Tests Already?

Apparently so. It's now only the 3rd week of class and I have three exams already. I took the first one today in King Air Ground (it seemed to go ok), Music Appreciation is tomorrow, and Boeing 727 Systems (the hard one) is on Friday. To top it off, I also seem to be getting a little sick. Nothing bad so far, just enough to bother me. I'm hoping my sinuses (sp?) aren't messed up because I have a flight this afternoon in the Seminole (we're starting engine-out operations). We're having cell group for the first time tonight (I'm helping lead the group), so please be praying that we have a good turnout and good discussion (and that the guys come back next week).

I went hiking at Shades State Park with a bunch of friends on Monday and had an awesome time. I'll probably post some pictures from it later (after these exams when I have a chance to update). That said, I should probably get back to studying...ok, one more thing, I have a link you guys have to see (it falls under the category of "This democrat/republican feud is getting out of hand"):
It's just outrageous. Especially the fact that most of the commenter's supported what she did! I'd especially like to highlight a comment Joel Mark made on that post:
"But I am not sure she conveyed repentance afterwards at all. She conveyed moral confusion. In fact, her story left us with the line: 'I feel like I am floating between right and wrong and am unable to grab either side.'
The phrase 'I feel...' is perhaps where the real problem lies. She acted on a feeling in the first place and now is struggling with conflicting feelings afterwards."

So democrats are praising her for her actions, but then go and write letters to The Exponent (Purdue's student newspaper) like this:

Ugh, what a mess. Ok, just for some balance, I have one link from the Exponent that actually shows some use of a brain:


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