Thursday, July 21, 2005

It's The Moon

I'm going absolutely crazy with my flight instructor training right now. So I don't have time to regularly update. Class 6 days a week plus tons of homework (and they want to pick up the pace), all in addition to my RevTrak job. The M4 with OneNote is really useful in class. I've been recording all our class sessions and referring back to them when doing homework. Please, please pray that I'll be able to finish before move back.

In celebration of the anniversary of Apollo 11's landing yesterday; I give you two links:
If you've ever wondered if there's anything to those conspiracy-nut claims that the moon landings were faked; this guys does a pretty good job of rebutting all the arguments I've heard on the subject: Google has a knack for innovation. They didn't just celebrate the anniversary with a custom Google logo; they also did a spoof of their own Google Earth (zoom all the way in):


At 10:35 PM, Anonymous Rebecca said...

Good luck with finishing your CFI stuff before going back to campus!


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