Friday, August 12, 2005


The checkride has been postponed yet again; now it's scheduled for this upcoming Thursday. Basically that means I'll have to go to Purdue Sunday night, attend the CFI seminar Tuesday and Wednesday, then drive back to Chicago Wednesday night. After the check ride, I have to head back to Purdue for the standardization flight Friday or Saturday. Before I started this CFI stuff, I had been told it was hard, but no one said it would be anywhere near THIS HARD.

To be perfectly honest, if I had known it would be like this, I'd never have done it. I know a lot of you are responding with things like "Don't worry, you'll do fine," but I'm serious; it's not worth it. Even my Mom agrees with me. The only reason I'm continuing this is because I've already wasted so much time and money on it. This has been a bad enough experience that I don't want to instruct at all anymore.
A large part of the problem is an instructor who is perpetually ticked-off at the world (I've NEVER seen her in a good move in the couple of months I've been there) who seems more interested in creating clones of herself than anything else. She's convinced beyond all reason that guided discussion is the only valid method of teaching in existence and will blow up at you if she catches you lecturing for even a few seconds (and I mean blow up, as in explode, as in borderline verbally abusive). Even the FAA Aviation Instructor's Handbook talks about the validity of the lecture method in many settings. The key is to choose your method of teaching based on the materials at hand and the audience (my Mom, for example, hates it when someone tries guided discussion on her).

Needless to say I am very overwhelmed and frustrated from all of this. I need a vacation, but at this point the craziness of last semester would be a vacation compared to this. I'm going to have to stay up late tonight (just like seemingly every other night the last few weeks) working on homework so I can go do this all over again tomorrow. By the time I get done each day (usually around 6pm, after starting at 9am with a half hour lunch break every few days), I'm so tired I can barely stand (and even more exhausted emotionally). I need some serious prayer in all of this. In an ideal world, I'd pass the checkride on Thursday but then somehow not instruct at Purdue this fall (I'd much rather spend the time on my classes and Cru stuff). It seems they go hand-in-hand however, so I'll likely end up instructing this fall.

I don't know when I'll update next. Maybe once I get to Purdue to announce my presence, but most likely not until I get done with the checkride. Please be praying that I'll survive the next couple of days and that I'll pass this checkride on the first try so I can finally be done with all of this.


At 11:16 PM, Anonymous Rebecca said...

Ouch. That's enough to give a person a headache just reading, provided that they're not tired enough to cause a dizzying sensation. (didn't sleep well last night, and now I have to stay up all night and work - bad combination, but at least it doesn't seem very busy because it's just RAs and BGR team leaders here) Maybe it never will end - it'll just keep being rescehduled indefinitely... Then again, that would be really cruel. Good luck again.

At 8:32 AM, Blogger Amy said...

God is being bombarded with prayers for you! And hey, guess who else movies in tomorrow ! I DO!! We'll hang out, you can de-stress. You can give yourself a little break from all of this airplane stuff. I can have you help me rearrange my room to perfection (hee hee!) You can admire my carpet. It's all good, yo!
Final words of advice: Remain calm, and for goodness sake, keep track of that towel!

At 9:47 AM, Blogger kathy said...


good luck!

At 2:26 AM, Blogger straight from eliz to you said...

some words of
wisdom that a friend
gave to me,
and i now pass on
to you.

do what it says.
use what you know.
take a deep breath.
you're a smart kid.

you never know, the experience of Constructing Fine Igloos might well be worth all the hassel and stress in the end. it certainly was for my dad.

best of luck and so on and so forth,

At 10:20 PM, Blogger Josh said...

that sucks. But God is good and you will overcome in the end. That's all that really matters right?

At 4:25 PM, Blogger TilleR said...

Sup Big'n! Guess what? I'm back on the Blogger! MySpace is lame, and i found out how to put vid's on Blogger! Check it! I'm also pleased to announce that you can call me, and probably get me! I'm finally on a normal-ish schedule again!
Lemme know how things have been going since this post, seems to be kinda crazy!
and in the words of the Kip: Peace Out.


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