Thursday, March 09, 2006

Freiburg Itinerary and the Johnny formerly known as "Pirate"

I'm about to hit the sack a full hour and a half later than I planned for tonight, but I've been working on my packing list for tomorrow and catching up with Natalie because I haven't been able to talk with her for about a week. The game plan is to get up at 4am tomorrow and pack for Germany, have breakfast with a couple of guys, keep packing, lunch with anyone/everyone who's still around at noon, and then we leave for Indy at 1pm.

We'll catch a 4:30 flight (Delta 6263) to Cincinnati, then a 6:50pm flight from Cinci to Frankfurt (Delta 48), arriving at 9:30am local time. We'll catch a train to Freiburg from there. I'd post the general schedule for the trip, but I don't have a quick way to do that that would be legible on here, so you'll just have to read about it when I get back (or I might even get a chance to post once or twice while there, we should have the occasional chance to go online and check email. BTW, on that note, if you want to get a hold of me the best way would be my gmail (replace the " at " with @ in real life, I just put it that way so spammers couldn't have a web-crawler steal it for spamming purposes): FlyingShawn at ). For the trip back, most of the team will be taking Delta flights 107 and 4969 from Frankfurt to New York JFK to Indy, but three of us (myself included) have to take a different route. We'll be headed from Frankfurt to Atlanta and then up to Indy (Delta flights 15 and 760). The cool thing about that is I'll get my first ride on a Boeing 777 on the way to Atlanta (pretty much the coolest/nicest airliner in the sky). We'll get back late evening on Sunday the 19th and I have a 7:30am exam the next morning (yay!...not)

Ok, that's the general itinerary for our trip. One other quick thing before I go to bed; you remember me talking about our floor's resident pirate, Johnny Sieber, a while back? (if you don't remember, this guy: )
Well, a few days ago he shaved off the goatee he grew for Facial Hair February but kept the mustache and the soul patch. That look was just fine for him, a little be neater but still keeping the whole "pirate" thing going. So what did I find when I got back to Cary this evening but that he'd shaved those off too! He still has the long hair, but no facial hair to go with it. This is sad, now instead of looking like a pirate he just looks like a hippie:


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