Sunday, May 14, 2006

Freiburg: Intro and the Team

DISCLAIMER: This series of posts are not for you. Because of how busy we were, I didn't have the time to keep my own journal of the trip. So I decided to record my memories here online in a way that would serve both as my trip journal and, to a lesser extent, help you understand what our trip was like and how God worked both in our lives and the lives of the Germans we visited. So what does this disclaimer mean for you? No complaining about how long this is! If you just want to scan over the couple hundred pictures I've embedded (I'll count them up and put a total on here when it's done) and not read anything other than the captions, feel free. Oh, and one more thing, whether you read it all or scan a select few pictures: ENJOY!, Freiburg was amazing, fun, and powerful for our entire team and I hope that you'll be able to see that in these posts. So, onto my exclusive coverage of Purdue Cru Freiburg Spring Break...

I think the most appropriate way to begin my coverage of the Freiburg Spring Break trip is simply to introduce you to the team so you have some passing idea who I’m talking about. So here they are:

Chip “Fearless Leader”



Liz “Elly” “Dee-Dee”

Travis "T-Dog" "Mr. T"


I Tim “First Timothy”

Emily “Katie”

II Tim “Second Timothy”


JD “Fack” “The Fack” “Fack Attack” etc


Shawn (me)


Freiburg Table of Contents
Freiburg: Intro and the Team
Freiburg: 1st Friday - 1st Saturday
Freiburg: 1st Sunday - Monday
Freiburg: Tuesday
Freiburg: Wednesday
Freiburg: Thursday
Freiburg: 2nd Friday
Freiburg: 2nd Saturday
Freiburg: 2nd Sunday
Freiburg: The Quote Book


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