Sunday, May 14, 2006

Freiburg: The Quote Book

Here are some of the more memorable quotes from the Freiburg trip. Some of them are inside jokes, some are be-there jokes, and some are funniest when they’re completely out of context like they are here. If you have any more to add, please add a comment to this post.

Shawn: “We are Tarkington inbound; ETA six and a half minutes!”

Mindy to Travis: “Why are you standing on 20 Euro?”

Mindy: “Do Germans smile?”

Fack: “Gawk subtly!”

Shane: “Don’t laugh at me; I slept up too late.”

Aaron Jones: “Courtney, what are you doing?! Don’t break the train!”

Fack: “Don’t fall off the battlements Fack!”

II Tim: “I will PUT the fear of the Lord in you!”

“We’re in Illinois, and I can see the Empire State Building.” –Emily…a moment later, realizing what she just said…“Can I be in the quote book?”

Shane: “They say, you are what you eat.”
Fack: “Maybe you should lay off the fruitcake.”

I Tim: “On our travel day, can we go to Iowa?”
Chip: “NO! Well…you could walk there; it’s, uh, [points] that way.”
I Tim: “So, walk a long way, then swim even longer, and I’ll see you guys at my memorial service?”
Chip: “Exactly!”

Travis: “Second Timothy didn’t seem to like it when I had my arm around him. Maybe it was because it was on the Strassenbahn”

Liz, after her third time tripping into the rain gutter in the street (and the local tradition that if one trips into them accidentally, one must marry a local): “After I twisted my ankle in the first one, he’d better be worth it.”

Emily: “JD turned into a werewolf, that’s why he’s not here.”
Anzie: “I got to Bertoldsbrunnen at 6:05, but you all were gone.
I Tim: “Anzie, we’re German this week; we left at 6.”

I Tim: “All I have to say is: man, I feel like a woman.”

Shawn (when Shane started to jaywalk across the intersection in Frankfurt): “Shane! No green men: don’t go.”

Liz: “I’m not really dressed yet, it’s an optical illusion.”

Freiburg Table of Contents
Freiburg: Intro and the Team
Freiburg: 1st Friday - 1st Saturday
Freiburg: 1st Sunday - Monday
Freiburg: Tuesday
Freiburg: Wednesday
Freiburg: Thursday
Freiburg: 2nd Friday
Freiburg: 2nd Saturday
Freiburg: 2nd Sunday
Freiburg: The Quote Book


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