Monday, March 20, 2006


Well, I'm back in the US. By the time I got back to my room and tried to do a little studying for my 7:30 exam this morning, I'd been up over 23 hours and my brain just wasn't functioning (although I have several excellent excuses for why I didn't sleep on the plane, ask me about the big one because I've got too much to do to blog about it for a while). But my friend Josh was kind enough to offer to meet me at 5am to study so that I could get a little (3.5 hours) of sleep and because I'd be more awake because my body's still on Freiburg time. That was a sucess and the exam seemed to go well (I won't find out for sure until next week), so now I've got a full day ahead of me before I can finally get some rest and try to deal with the jet lag + sleep deprivation from the trip.
Because it'll be a few days at best before I'm able to blog about it, I do want to throw out that Germany was AWESOME!!! God worked in amazing ways on bunch of different levels, so I'm absolutely psyched that God had me go on the trip. I'm working on sorting my multiple-hundreds of pictures together right now and sorting them (mainly turning the portrait ones upright), then I'll finally be able to look through them all for the first time.
Hopefully I'll be able to make some phone calls and tell people that I'm back sometime tonight, the only non-trip business calls I made yesterday were quick roaming calls to tell my parents I was back in the US and to see if there was any potential of seeing Tiller while I was in Atlanta (nope), so I've got a lot of calls to make soon.
Ok, that's all for now folks, BSY (and please pray for energy to get through another really long day on virtually no sleep).


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