Friday, January 13, 2006

Night Owls 1, Morning People 0

What's this, another post in one night? Yep, and being posted at 1:35am I think it's an especially apt time for this one:

You've all heard Ben Franklin's old adage, "Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise," and if you're a night owl, you hate it. Let's face it, fellow denizens of the night; we can't stand it when people throw this one at us to attack our sleep habits. Well, that's about to change...

Recent research at the University of Westminster has shown that "...early risers were more likely to suffer from muscle aches, colds, headaches, and mood swings..."

And another study in Britain of 1229 men and women over a 25-year period also shows "...those who burned the midnight oil and slept in the following morning ... also proved to be slightly wealthier than the early risers and no less healthy."

Of course, all this talking of sleep reminds me that I've been up for the last, well, you don't actually want to know how many hours I've been up, suffice to say that it's not a small number; so I'm gonna hit the sack.


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