Friday, November 11, 2005


Good news! This morning I passed my Multiengine Checkride! I'm now a Commercial Instrument Airplane Single- and Multi- Engine Land Licensed Pilot. I had to report to the airport in a shirt and tie at 6:30am to do the final preparations for the 7:30 exam with only 3 hours of sleep under my belt because I'd been up late studying for the oral portion of the exam. The oral went very well and the flight did also, except for one not-so-small mistake. The good news is that the examiner decided that because the rest of the checkride had gone so well, he wouldn't fail me for that mistake. So I made all the required calls to friends and family to tell them the good news and promptly skipped my other two classes today to sleep.

In another bit of good news, I'm almost done with the Operation Alpha post I've been promising. I've decided to tell the story the same way I would if I was telling it to you in person and took a half hour to explain the details. I guess I didn't realize how much can be said verbally in a half hour because it's turned out to be far longer than even I was expecting! Feel free to scan it or just look at the pictures if you like, but I know some people wanted the full account so I gave them a lot of it (but there's still a lot I left out).

Hopefully I'll be able to upload it, the pictures, and get the video link working sometime tomorrow or Sunday. Tonight is Crusade (they're showing the film "Beyond the Gates of Splendor") and a massive party at the Big House. Reportedly the Big House guys haven't had a party this big (invited all of Cru, the Navs, and IV) since before I came to Purdue, so this should be quite an occasion. Tomorrow is our last home football game and an outreach tailgate for the guys in Cary. Anyways, I actually have some real work I have to do around here (I'm at work in the AvTech Library) before I close up for the night, so I g2g.


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