Saturday, February 18, 2006

How’s this for a weekend?

Chip has a Turkish friend through the grad school that he’s been getting to know and hoping to share the gospel with (although he hasn’t yet), and the guy just up and asked Chip the other day if he goes to church and if he’d be willing to take him with sometime. Chip said yes (rather enthusiastically, I might add). So because this guy had never seen how Christian brothers interact, Chip got Shane, Fack, Bliggy, and I to come with them to Calvary Baptist’s Saturday service with plans to go out to dinner at a Turkish restaurant afterwards. Well, the dinner thing fell through, but the guy did say that the sermon answered a lot of questions he’s been asking the last few days and wants to come back (yay!!!).

When the rest of us met up for dinner later, Chip told me that the pastor at Kossuth Street Baptist is starting a sermon series on Luke tomorrow that’s supposed to be really insanely good. Even though I won’t be able to attend in future weeks (because of sound commitments at ECC), he’s managed to convince me to go to the 8am service with him to see what it’s like (and if I like it I can get MP3s of the rest of the series off their website). Then Chip and I will split up and he’ll go back to Calvary for the rest of the morning and I’ll go to ECC for Sunday School and the later service there.

Yeah, three different church services within a 24 hour span! Not to mention Sunday School, Action Group (a meeting of Cru cell group leaders in the Quad), a Freiburg team meeting, and Prayer & Praise later in the day. Pretty crazy, huh?

As for Perelandra, over the last couple of days I’ve been able to talk about the pros and cons of the Saron-vs.-upgrade question (see last post) with Tiller, Chip, and Fack and they’ve all expressed agreement with my thoughts and the Station Manager’s official decision. As excited as we all are about the sensitivity the CSS-TRIO array has shown so far, we’re going to go ahead with those upgrades instead of starting further research on the Saron band. Like I mentioned before, the earliest we expect to be up and running again is shortly after spring break, but it could take longer depending on how things come together. We’re hoping to pick up right where we left off on Saron, but there’s too much work to get done between now and then to make any reliable predictions.

Ok, now to bed so I don’t fall asleep in church tomorrow…


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