Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I talked with Adam Purvis on the phone a few hours ago. He applied to the same Summer Project as I did (Desert Rivers) and got the call that he was accepted this afternoon. Apparently the guy he talked to asked if my voicemail message was kind of weird (which it is), saying that he'd called me and left a message. The problem is that my cell phone insists that I have not missed any calls and when I call my voicemail it says I have no messages (I'm getting increasingly dissatisfied with Cingular, because this has happened a handful of times over the last few years and it usually takes a couple of days to get the original message, if ever). So after a few hours of waiting for the message to come in, I called Purv and had him give me the guy's number so I could just call him and explained I never got his message. Just my luck; I got his voicemail. So I left a message explaining the situation and hopefully he'll be calling me back soon. Adam sounded like he was excited but trying to hide it for when he calls, so I think this is good news. In any case, Purv said that if I hadn't heard back by midnight (half hour away), which is still a reasonable time of night where this guy is located (California), then he'll tell me himself if I got accepted or not.
In any case, please remember to keep praying that they change the length of the project back to the original 6 weeks to make our time there really worth the airfare to get to the Middle East.


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