Monday, June 12, 2006


The Freiburg series is finally complete!! Despite the ongoing problems with Blogger's server regarding pictures, I was able to use the work-around and get it finished. I'll put the Table of Contents at the bottom of this post so you can jump directly to wherever you left off.

Anyways, we're off to Indiana again on RevTrak business from Wednesday through Friday (and hopefully I'll get to see a few friends in Lafayette on the way back). This last Saturday I got to pick up Chip and Rebecca at O'Hare and drop them off at their hotel for Acts 29 Summer Project (another Middle East trip) and also see Michelle and a few others leaving for Freiburg, so I'm that much more excited about leaving for my project to the Middle East on the 27th (getting close!). That's all for now, so I'll give you a picture and a link...

This strip making fun of the Burger King "King" commercials was in the Sunday Comics of the Chicago Tribune recently (I think a week ago):

Matt Oney let me know about this video last night. It's the audio from an old Monty Python skit combined with footage from the video game Halo and is absolutely hilarious:
How Not To Be Seen

Freiburg Table of Contents
Freiburg: Intro and the Team
Freiburg: 1st Friday - 1st Saturday
Freiburg: 1st Sunday - Monday
Freiburg: Tuesday
Freiburg: Wednesday
Freiburg: Thursday
Freiburg: 2nd Friday
Freiburg: 2nd Saturday
Freiburg: 2nd Sunday
Freiburg: The Quote Book


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