Sunday, April 03, 2005

Ahh, the joys of April Fools

First of all, it was my Mom’s bday, so happy birthday Mom!

Second, the keys to an awesome prank were handed to me on a silver platter on Thursday and the execution of said prank went beautifully ([inside joke warning] and yes, TLL Tilla!). Rebecca told Dustin and I about Carmela’s desire to color Rebecca’s hair blue sometime this semester and because Carmela is transferring to Portland at the end of the semester, we decided to go through with it. Dustin and I immediately started planning exactly how we would carry out said prank, right in front of Rebecca (well, actually it was more like me outlining the plan for Dustin right in front of Rebecca, as I’m in the process of training Dustin in all my evil ways). The plan was very simple: we ambush Rebecca, duct tape her, dye her hair (it was spray-on temporary stuff), and then proceed to get away (either by scattering in various directions or jumping into a friend’s pickup and driving off). Now, before you start questioning my mental health because this plan wasn’t needlessly complicated (as is my usual style), let me clue you in to my underlying plot: The key problem with this prank is that, having been told about the opportunity the day before April Fools, it’s next to impossible to create that crucial element of surprise needed to pull it off. So I immediately started hinting that it would be a while before we could put this together, if we could even do it at all. As you all know, sometimes the anticipation of something is just as much (or even more) fun as the actual event. Rebecca would get the joy of anticipating us ambushing her sometime in the final few weeks of the semester and I went out of my way to build that aspect of it up. I was joking about ambushing her at random times, even sometime when she was walking to or from class. Basically she bought enough of what I was implying that she didn’t seriously suspect that we would be able to pull it off the very next day. What happened? I think I’ll let her tell you via the April 2nd post on her blog:

The reason Carmela didn’t help us pull off the plan was simply because we couldn’t get a hold of her in time. After we got done, we made a stencil of the Cru logo and dyed it onto the back of my head. If I can get the pictures from Chip I’ll post them on here, but I don’t know when that’ll be.

BTW, I was able to get a package of the dark chocolate M&M’s I mentioned on my last post and they are very good. And to answer the objections of Rebecca about said M&M’s, I don’t think the baking ones count as dark chocolate, I think they are classified as semi-sweet instead.

Finally, while I’d like to update you more on the events of the last few days, I have to end this post so that I can prepare for my cross country flight to Dayton, Ohio and Muncie, IN, at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon (essentially right after I get back from running sound at church). IFR cross countries are, shall we say, interesting. Hmmm, seeing as how I gave free advertising to Rebecca’s blog today, I’ll extend the same favor to all of you: feel free to post a link to your blog/xanga/livejournal when commenting to today’s post.


At 11:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah yes how sweet April Fools day is to the evil err.. semi evil people out there. Just to let everyone know about the other prank I was planning went, It didn't go down. The person involved that was supposed to find out the time when the victims were in a proper location, failed in his job.


P.S. My online journal is feel free to see it anytime but i warn you now i dont update it that often

At 8:45 PM, Anonymous Grandpa said...

My college days were pretty boring compared to yours Shawn. I suppose I could go back to college but Grandma would keep me on a short string! Make the most of it!

At 5:16 PM, Anonymous Rebecca said...

Ok, so now I have to applaud your skills in pulling that off so quickly and well. Good job. I thought I might also mention the sort of comments and questions that I get having blue hair. Yes, I made a list, and I assume it will be about the end of the comments since I'm washing it out tonight. I think more people randomly struck up conversations with me since Friday afternoon than the entire rest of the year. Now if I could figure out how that could be modified into a ministry tool, it might be unstoppable. (and now, the list)

Has your hair always been blue?
I like what you did with your hair!
Did you squish a smurf in your hair?
When did you do that?
Why did you do that?
Blue looks pretty good on blonde (proceeding to mention something about someone named Kevin to her friend).
Looks good/nice/cool.
Sportin’ the blue hair, eh?
How did you do that? (my answer – Not sure. I was sort of tied up when it turned blue)
I heard about that/I saw Dustin and Kevin yesterday.
Drive safely. For the blue hair. (Andy Cook – who knows I don’t have a car)
My son had orange hair a couple years ago when he was co-opping in California… (longer story involved - my academic advisor told me this)


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