Friday, May 20, 2005

Revenge of the Sith

I've seen it.
Have you?
What did you think?
[Warning: this is a Spoiler-Free Zone: be careful what you say; any comments containing spoilers for those readers who haven't seen it will be deleted]
Spoiler-Free reviews are HIGHLY encouraged.
I haven't really decided my opinion on it yet. I might have to see it again before I make up my mind.


At 1:13 AM, Anonymous Rebecca said...

I haven't yet seen it, but I'm going to - possibly twice. My family have seen it already. But they want to see it again with me. And one of my friends from high school wanted to do something together and suggested going to see it. But the one thing remains, I will see it. (Happened to be in the middle of nowhere, Michigan when it came out)


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