Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Deadly #2

Just finished my second final (which is also the second hardest). That prof is positively evil (Mitch Grundman). He asked questions on things he mentioned exactly once in class that none of us thought were even potentially test material. Based on that and the test last night, I think I’m looking at a mid-range B in the course, though there’s a slim possibility of that being a low A (very slim).
Now I have between now and 11am tomorrow to prepare for the final in 369 (my Air Traffic Control class), which shouldn’t be too hard, but I haven’t studied at all yet. I also need to figure out a snack of some sort because I didn’t get any dinner mixed in with my frantic preparations for my final this evening (and none of you smart-alecks better say nothin’ about being able to afford to miss a meal! jk).
I’m also missing out on the new Slayter Hill party tradition that was started last year by some Cru people. Basically it’s a hang-out time in the middle of finals week where they meet on the main stage at Slayter (outdoor amphitheater), hang out, then spread out in sleeping bags and stay the night (outside). I’d like to go, but I have to study for the above test and I’ve already sent my sleeping bag home for the semester.


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