Thursday, April 28, 2005

Links Galore!

Good news! I just found out my Commercial Checkride is now scheduled for Friday of Finals Week at 1pm with Prof. Gross! This is very good, because Friday is a day I don’t have any other finals and I had previously been told I’d probably have Mitch on the checkride, who is much harder. Praise God for that (and pray that it goes well).

Anyway, I promised you guys links, so here they are! Note: the majority of these links are either exceedingly silly or just plain stupid, so don’t take any of it seriously. I’m serious; don’t take any of it seriously! (If you’re lucky I might give you some more serious/useful links sometime in the future)

First up in the stupid category is a whacko conspiracy theory I recently stumbled upon. Now, normally I’d preface this one with a link to the Flat Earth Society (you can guess what they believe), but their site is apparently down due to server problems. This one is even weirder than that and also funnier because of how much more elaborately stupid it is. There’s a LOT of text to read on the site, but I invite you to try reading through it all, it gets better and better (aka, dumber and dumber) as you go! Without further ado, I bring you the Hollow Earth theory:

Ever have a bad day? Well I’ve got two links for you!
-If you’re feeling stressed, follow these simple steps (remember, read all directions before beginning):
1. Make sure you aren’t in class or some noise sensitive setting (ex. library)
2. Turn your speakers on and up (don’t have to be on max, but reasonably loud).
3. click on this link:
4. Admire the nice drawing
5. Click on the pig
-If you feel Murphy’s Law is all about you, then you want to hear this song by comedian Ray Stevens: (DIALUP WARNING: 3.5 MB)

I’m sure most of you have seen this one, but in case you haven’t; here it is. Baby Got Book is a Christian parody of a very NOT-Christian rap song. (DIALUP WARNING: 13 MB)

Have problems with your laundry? I haven’t tried this personally, but I have friends who have and claim it really does work. (DIALUP WARNING: 2 MB)

This is a German parody of the Matrix claiming to be a Matrix sequel (released before the sequels) and around the same time as WindowsXP. Non-Matrix fans probably won’t get it (but you’re welcome to try). (DIALUP WARNING: 24 MB)

This clip speaks for itself as proof why Johnny Carson was and always will be the king of the late-night talk show. From The Tonight Show, “Here’s Johnny!” (DIALUP WARNING: 2MB)

In recent years, it’s become sort of an accidental fad to place a video of a friend (or yourself) doing something stupid online. Sometimes said video catches the attention of the world and you have millions of people watching your embarrassing moment. We’ll start with one of the first people made famous by this fad; a 15 year old Canadian by the name of Ghyslian Raza, aka, the Star Wars Kid:
The story:
The video: (remix version with lightsaber effects and sounds)

Next up is a guy named Gary who actually posted this video online of his own free will (Ghyslian’s video was stolen and put on by friends, if you didn’t read the above article). This is proof why Romanian pop music, an American teenager, and a webcam just don’t mix well (but it is funny when they try).
The story:
The Numa Numa Dance: (Macromedia Flash player required)

In my travels of the web, I actually came across the original music video for the song in the Numa Numa video. It’s Romanian pop group O-Zone, singing “Dragostea Din Tei.” When you click on this link, it’ll come up wanting to download an .asx file, go ahead and click “open,” where it will launch your media player and stream the video (the link is safe, I’ve tested it). If it doesn’t work, it might be because of your media player software, so click it again, hit “save,” and open it with Windows Media Player and it should work.
Incidentally, the above video provides support for my argument that pop music might actually have one almost redeeming quality. The thing about pop music videos is that they don’t have to have ANYTHING to do with the song itself! These guys dancing on an airplane wing and having two of the props turn into speakers is a wonderful example of this point. I’m sure that my being a pilot plays a roll in how funny I think it is, but you have to take some amusement from how ludicrous it is.

For a special treat, I actually found a parody of O-Zone video above done entirely in Lego: (DIALUP WARNING: 6.5MB)

And now for our last link of the day. This one is the latest culmination of the Star Wars Kid and Numa Numa Dance fad. What makes this one sad is that it’s clear they planned it out and rehearsed it, so there’s clear intent to put it online. Also, the guy on the left makes a grin suspiciously like No.6 (Jonathan Chen), a friend from Cru and Cary Quad (we call him the 6th roommate because he’s around so much). I present to you, the Annoying Asians: (DIALUP WARNING: 8 MB)


At 9:16 PM, Anonymous Rebecca said...

You just had to get me with the pig thing, didn't you? (only slightly affected, before you go on thinking about how much I must have freaked out)

Some of that hollow earth thing reminds me of a story I started writing (but still haven't finished... writer's block). But my story is sci-fi, not fantasy. None of this Atlantean stuff... just some people who live underground...

And the music videos. Now that's just silly. The lego one someone must have put a lot of work into. The real one... I may have to say, there is no excuse. Reminds me of something else (this had BETTER NOT give you any ideas)... how my brother occasionally tells me that I should take up wing-walking as a career. NB - my brother is not nearly as cute and nice as Carmela. Plus I think my predictions for him are more accurate (that when he's older he will have a car with fuzzy dice hanging off the mirror and that he will also have a dachshund named "Killer").

Aaaaarrrggghhhh the semester is nearly over!

At 3:53 PM, Anonymous amy c. said...

The "How to fold a shirt thingie..." It doesn't work!!! I've must have watched it a gazillion times and my shirt doesn't end up looking like that!! It would help a lot if I knew Japanese, but still, you'd think I can get it to work by watching it a gazillion times!


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