Sunday, April 24, 2005

Murder! On Video!

What?!?! Two posts in one night?!?! Yep, there's this one with the long-awaited Murder Mystery Night videos, and then there's the one below which is really Thursday's post delayed a couple of days. The clips are relatively low quality compared to the originals so that the file sizes aren't too big for you dialup types. Let me know if there are any quality problems with the videos (ie. they don't work, the audio doesn't match the video, etc). Anyway, I'll put the Murder Night links in the order you'll want to look at them if you haven't seen any of it before:

First up, I'm re-posting the link to the original invitation we gave the girls (you'll probably want to take a look at it again to brush up on the storyline):

This is the video we started the night with to help set up the plot: (DIALUP WARNING: 18MB)

Here's a PDF of all the characters in the game, including both *cough* flattering *cough* pictures of each and a profile on who they were (including information that was to be kept secret from the other players (motives, opportunities, etc), the seating arrangement, and a list of all the clues that were given out during the night. Side note: there was a glitch in the PDF writer in the MATH building computer lab, so the blank square on the seating arrangement chart should say "Ross Tomazin" (Matt Chupp's character). Also, if you weren't there, you definitely want to read through this PDF before you watch the next video, or else it will make little or no sense:

This is a clip of the last ~20 minutes of the date itself. Should give you an idea of what it was like and how the game was played (feel free to leave the PDF of the characters from above open as a reference to who people are). At the very end is a listing of the voting results: (DIALUP WARNING: 43 MB)

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for...THE MURDER: (DIALUP WARNING: 22 MB)

Lastly, the crowd favorite, "The Unshot Footage Blooper Reel." Some of it is extra murder footage (remember, we shot multiple murders so that the murderer wouldn't know that he or she was the murderer), extra "I want Chip dead" clips (with people squirming before actually saying the line), actual bloopers, and just general silliness with the camera: (DIALUP WARNING: 24 MB)

As usual, comments and/or questions are welcome on any of the above. I think it's safe to say that there will be a few "What on earth just happened?" moments, especially if you were expecting some of the more random events on the blooper reel to make any sense. In those clips, there's usually a story to be told of how they came about, so feel free to ask.
G'night all.


At 5:09 PM, Anonymous Rebecca said...

I keep stopping by and trying to post a comment, but then getting distracted...

Anyway, the news about Edgar is indeed awesome! It's amazing to see the change in him.

I should glue Dora before I run off to dinner.

Glad the creative date went so well. Knowing the inordinate amounts of time that went into that, it could qualify as a tragedy if it went badly.

At 8:23 PM, Anonymous Grandpa said...

Downloading it was a challange with dial up, but it went well.

Looks like everyone had a good time. I cannot imagine4 the ammount of time it took to put it together.


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