Thursday, April 07, 2005

" idea..."

So the truth comes out on the “Do you agree with Jake?” flier campaign that I talked about a few days ago. Thanks to Rebecca for the comment as soon as she found out the information. This morning the Exponent had two articles and one letter related to the issue. The cliff notes:
"We had absolutely no idea a similar campaign had been done before," said Aabha Suchak, co-president of the cultural committee. "If we had known about it, and that Matt had died, we probably would not have done the campaign. We are truly sorry if we offended anybody."§ion=campus&storyid=jake
The second story is about how the fliers violated posting policies:§ion=campus&storyid=fliers
And the letter on the Opinions page (also from Aabha):§ion=letters&storyid=onlinesuchak

In other news, I’m losing one of my roommates for next year. Scott feels that God is calling him to move to McCutcheon (there Rebecca, I spelled it right, you happy now?) for ministry purposes. Most of the Cru leaders in McCutcheon are graduating, moving to other dorms, or going off campus next year. So Scott will be joining Justin Blignot to be the new leaders for the guys there. That leaves me and John Cobb in a small triple back in Cary and hoping to find a roommate before they assign one by potluck for us. So if you know anyone who doesn’t have a roommate yet (even if they are currently assigned to a different dorm), let us know.

My flight to Mount Comfort went well yesterday morning, although it took shorter than it was supposed to because as soon as we got onto V51 headed down to Indy (part of our route), Indy Approach asked if we could do Direct MQJ (flying straight from where we were to Mount Comfort instead of taking the route we had filed). Basically we cut the corner on our route and slashed the time it would take us to get there. Then when we got there we got on short final for Runway 16 and there was a truck driving on the runway (he wasn’t supposed to be there), so we had to add power and land on 25 instead. Now for Amy’s perfectly logical question about why it’s called a “cross country.” It’s called that because the purpose is to practice navigating and operations when not in the local area and going somewhere else. If I were to do a cross country to South Bend, and another one to, say, Nashville, I really wouldn’t gain that much more useful experience going on the long one because you are using the same skills for cruise on both flights, it’s just that one is a lot longer than the other. So there’s no real reason to spend the extra time and fuel ($$$) for no extra net benefit. A cross country in aviation is defined as flying to any airport greater than 50 nautical miles (1nm=roughly 1.1 normal “statute” miles) away. Why not call it “cross-state” you ask? Simply because when you’re cruising at 100+ knots, it takes so little time to cross a state that it’s not really worthwhile thinking of each one as a distinct unit.

By the way, does anybody have any ideas for some fun/silly/very slightly serious newspaper headlines for about 15-25 years in the future? For example: “Cubs win World Series.” I can’t talk about why I need them just yet, but I do and I’ll tell you about it as soon as I can. Actually, I think I’ll make this my obligatory comments plea today; so give me any ideas you have, no matter how outrageous or silly.


At 4:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about "Indiana wins way to Rose Bowl" or "Marty McFly announces his candiancy for president", "WW IV looms near as France invaides Germany" "Flying pigs seen over Purdue" "Engineer reinvents the wheel"

At 4:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OH and I'm Dustin

At 12:01 PM, Blogger ankurindia said...

well thts life


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