Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I'm feeling generous tonight, so I think I'll give you guys a couple of clips I wasn't planning on putting up for a couple of days. This weekend Amy Schott of Windsor had to make a video for extra credit in her Italian class. Didn't have to be a serious film-making endeavor, just a short film in Italian. Amy asked if she could use my computer for the video editing and I volunteered myself, Dustin, Edgar, and Rebecca to help with the filming. We spent most of Saturday afternoon both helping out with production (I was the main camera guy, Rebecca did the cue cards, Dustin and Edgar were, well, I guess you could call them comic relief (not that the film needed to be any more silly). Amy spent a lot of time on the computer doing the editing and I helped when needed. The project was due Tuesday morning and I've heard it went over well with the class. Now I'm putting it up for your viewing pleasure. (DIALUP WARNING: 31 MB)

Naturally, (much to the behest of Amy), as principle cameraman I filmed a lot of extra material outside of what was strictly needed for the film. What follows is the "blooper reel" containing most of the funny footage from the film, production clips, and people just being silly for the camera. Ironically, the blooper reel is 15 minutes, 20 seconds long, while the project itself is only 11 minutes, 51 seconds long. Just goes to show how much good blooper footage I got. I'd still HIGHLY advise you watch the final production film (linked above) before the blooper reel so you can understand the general plot (what little of it there is). (DIALUP WARNING: 39 MB)

We had a lot of fun making it, so I hope you enjoyed it. BTW, for those of you who aren't regular readers, the "I want Chip dead" bit in the blooper reel was a reference to all my Creative Date stuff in previous posts (despite filming many of the players from the date saying that as you've seen, I never thought to say it myself, so now I did). I'm just hoping that this will be the last major production to come out of mine this semester. This stuff takes too much time. ;) As always, comments are welcome.

BTW, I was just thinking, if I'm going to continue putting out these videos in the future, I need to make up my own little mock production company (with logo) to put in front of the film to make it seem more professional. Any suggestions for a name or logo?


At 5:17 AM, Anonymous Rebecca said...

I have to say that the blooper reel is pretty good entertainment to keep one awake at odd hours. However, around about the 10th time through, it starts to lose some of the original amusingness. Sad, sad, sad. It's still good though and maybe next time I'm conscious it will still be as effective. Plus, I am doing what I can to make these movies more popular ;) You know, so lots more people can laugh at Edgar's MC Hammer impersonation. So far I've show it to a couple of friends, plus my brother. Muahahahaha!

I could sure use some sleep now. Especially considering that instead of napping this afternoon, I helped my roommate bunk the beds. Napping would reduce my tiredness... bunking the beds increased it greatly. So I've only been semi-conscious for pretty much my whole shift...

At 3:55 PM, Anonymous amy c. said...

Hilarious... Absolutely hilarious... And that's all I have to say about that.


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