Monday, May 02, 2005

One Down

My first final of the week, the FAA Flight Instructor Written, is finished. I got an 87% on it, which is ok but not as good as I would like. That means I'm going to have to do all the better on the other final for the course tomorrow night. I should do ok on it as long as I get time to get my review sheet together, which could be a challenge as I get more and more stuff to do (including a flight in the morning).

For lack of a working mind to say anything else tonight, I'll leave you with a recent away message I made for Instant Messenger a couple of days ago. Why put it up here if most of you have seen it already? I found out Trillian has a 1000 character limit on away messages, so I had to cut its size almost in half, so here is the original one in all its ridiculously long glory:

Monday final: FAA Flight Instructor Written exam.
Given: Tuesday final: AT 352 Flight Instructor Ground final with grumpy old Prof Grundman.
Given: Wednesday final: AT 369 Air Traffic Control written
Given: Thursday final: AT 369 ARTCC Simulator practical exam
Given: Friday final: Commercial Pilot Checkride (The first half of the exam is basically an oral interrogation covering everything I’ve learned since I started the flight program two years ago. The second half is an exam in the air covering maneuvers I haven’t practiced since last fall and in a different airplane).
Given: I have three flights to fit into the next week before the checkride to re-learn commercial maneuvers.
Given: The probability of me being motivated to study is coincidentally (*precisely*) 6302345614:1 against (although only true Hitchhikers will know the significance of this figure or how to utilize it).
Given: I don’t have a POV Gun to convince my profs to skip the final and just pass me anyway.
Given: That I’d much rather dream up lengthy and elaborate away messages than study.
Given: With regards to my social life: the Cease and Desist order (recommended by committee, voted on by council members, discussed by the general public, on display in a Records Office cellar for 30 days, and signed in triplicate by the Vogon High Administrator) went into effect at 1:37pm today (with a small exception for the Cary/Windsor Study Break party on Wednesday night added only after a long appeals process and express special permission granted by Deep Thought).
Given: I’d much rather be playing with dolphins (with a Babel Fish present, of course) than studying
Given: The types of people I consider friends (aka, those on my buddy list) are also the types who would still be reading this away message after this long.
Given: That no single females of the species Homo sapiens who understand the FARs, the AIM, and Quantum Mechanics have yet volunteered to help me study.
==> Therefore ==>
We can conclude three things (all equally true):
1. With regard to finals performance as it pertains to my grades: I’m dead
2. I have no life
3. I’m studying


At 11:47 AM, Anonymous Rebecca said...

Now I know you can italicise and underline in here... tsk tsk...

Interesting to see the whole thing. I would want to use a POV gun on my professors too. That would be really nice.


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