Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Prayer and Praise

Figured I'd give you guys a couple of pictures from the last Prayer and Praise of the year. For those not from around here, P&P is a weekly gathering of believers at Purdue (not just limited to Cru, but still a lot of Cru) on Sunday nights to worship God and spend a lot of time in small group prayer. Usually goes for about 1-1.5 hour, with the first ~.5hr being worship lead by a couple of guys with acoustic guitars and mics and then transitions into prayer for the rest of the night. You can probably see why I'm no fan of cell phone cameras (and these pictures are with a little resizing and re-touching), but it's better than nothing.

Here's me with three awesome guys from the Quad (my dorm). From left to right, Shane Heater (graduated last fall), Scott Carrington (one of my roommates), myself, and Chip Pollock (graduating this spring). Odds are that if you've spent any time hanging around with me, you've probably heard their names more than a few times.

All four of these girls are from Windsor (the only all girls dorm on campus). On the left we have Keri Bias (I don't know her that well, but she's cool and she was walking by so we dragged her into the picture), Amy Schott and Kathy Roell (two of the original culprits for my starting this whole blog thing in the first place), myself (no, really?), and Chris Lindsay (who, as I've already mentioned on here, is the one who has helped my back so much over the last couple weeks).

And, just for kicks, I've decided to give you one more picture. This shot is of the six roommates. Technically only John Cobb (next to me and my roommate next year), Scott Carrington (who God is calling over to McCutcheon for ministry purposes next year instead of living with John and I), and "Lucky Eddie" Pierce (next to Scott and so nicknamed by me after Lucky Eddie of Hagar the Horrible comic strip fame) live here, but we've adopted the two Asians. Sprawled across us is Albert Tsai (nicknamed "Number 5" as he's the fifth roommate), who has been sleeping on our couch two or three nights a week most of the semester. He does have an apartment, but it's a ways away and we enjoy having him around anyway. Squeezed in between Scott and I is Jonathan Chen ("Number 6"), who hasn't ever actually slept here (to my knowledge), but for a couple of weeks earlier in the semester was here as much or more than I was playing Final Fantasy X on Eddie's PlayStation2 (hence, the controller), so we decided he counted as one of the roommates.


At 8:21 AM, Blogger Amy said...

Dude, someone is giving you bunny ears in the second picture, Shawn.

At 4:30 PM, Anonymous amy c. said...

Why does Shane look like he's about to fall out of Scott's arms?


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