Wednesday, June 15, 2005

On The Road Again

Once again, I find myself updating the blog from a hotel room. This time I’m somewhere on the south side of Indianapolis for the night. I’m here with my Mom and my uncle David (owner of the company).

We drove down earlier today, making a sales call along the way and stopped in Lafayette for a half hour to have frozen custard at Culvers with Shane. It was awesome to see him, especially because up until now, I haven’t seen anyone from Cru since I moved home. The day just got better because while we were driving from Lafayette to Indy three things happened.

First, we passed by a spot along Highway 65 where some friends and I once had a flat tire on the way to Indy Christmas Conference my second year at Elgin Community College with Crusade Chicago Metro. I don’t remember the entire roster of who was there that day, but it did include Jacob Voss, Tony Santana and I think Dan Leera. We stayed on the side of the road for 45 minutes waiting for the tow truck to arrive because we didn’t have a jack (it was Jake’s van, so blame him. The long and short of it was that we did have a jack all along, but that it was in a place on the car no one suspected it and we didn’t discover it until the whole ordeal was over.

The second thing that happened was that Natalie Beltz called me back. I had called to see if she wanted to join Shane and I at Culvers, but didn’t hear back from here until it was over. Why is her calling back so significant that I would mention it? Am I just that dull that I have to tell you every little detail? Far from it! Turns out that she is going home to visit family in Indy the same two nights that we are in town, so I’ll get a chance to hang out with her tomorrow night.

The third thing of note was that I got a call from Chip! He was stuck in traffic in L.A. and remembered that he had been planning on giving me a call for a few days. So I didn’t get to talk with him long, but it was really cool to hear from him. He’s working for The Aerospace Corporation this summer and having a good time; including work on orbital mechanics for satellites, a topic he actually enjoys (you know what? If you find orbital mechanics fun then it’s pretty safe to conclude you are wayyyyyyy too smart for your own good! jk).

In other news, I finally replaced my digital camera that broke a month out of warranty a couple summers ago. I got a Casio Z750, which is an ultra-subcompact 7 megapixel with a decent 3x optical zoom lens that actually resolves 7mp of data to the sensor (a contrast to my old 3mp camera that performed like a 2mp because the lens wasn’t up to snuff). This new camera is almost the same size as the old one, except it’s nearly a centimeter thinner and has a much larger screen (2.5”). The big advantage of this camera over other tiny cameras I considered is that it has a full set of manual features, which I enjoyed so much on the old camera that I’m willing to pay more than I originally budgeted for them. Here are a couple sample pictures from the new camera:

This picture of my Dad is the first picture that I took with the new camera:

You guessed it: Scott in his natural state at 9am:

This is my loony uncle David:

And finally, Shane, for those of you who haven’t met him:

That’s all for now, so have a good night!


At 1:51 AM, Anonymous Rebecca said...

Guess what! I am in California now! I actually ended up staying in Lafayette two nights this weekend with Lauren, but I don't think you know her. I saw but didn't get to say hi to some Cru people when I went to church with her though. Laura Speicher, April Zirkle, and Ryan Dunwiddie (sp?) I think they were. That was pretty cool. I've just been skimming the longer entries to the blog, in case you were wondering.

And I'm perhaps a little late in saying thank you very much for watching PTL. Seems not much happened, but better safe than sorry.

What I want to know is, have you had any good chances to pull pranks this summer? I wouldn't count taking pictures of your brother sleeping... I may have a chance here to advise some people on pranks to pull next week when the high schoolers have their summer camp. Apparently the leaders are encouraging pranks. The only problem is, I don't know if I should side with the girls (whom I hardly know, but it is girls against guys and I'd sort of be a traitor to advise the guys) or my brother (who may not want to get advice from me anyway). Solutions to this dilemma re welcome, as well as ideas (although I have an awful lot of ideas...).

PS. I really scared someone today. She didn't know I was back. I tapped her on the shoulder, she turned around and looked at me for a moment, then jumped up and screamed. It was hilarious (she laughed too). I think I have a career of shoulder-tapping ahead of me.

Also, from being in the UP I can understand the accent now. Muahahahaha... It was great, but that's another story. I gotta be getting to sleep and maybe I can apply for a job tomorrow. I really don't feel like it (first off just getting back from the most useless job of my life, and secondly, there are a lot of other things to take care of), but I ought to.

By the way, did you get my letter?

At 10:24 PM, Blogger Kathy said...

What! You were on the SOUTH SIDE of INDY and you didn't even call or anything?! But I suppose it doesn't matter...I mean it's not like I was at home by myself all day because my dad was at work, my mom was in Spain (with Pauline, even), and my brother was in Jamaica....oh, but wait that was true...'s ok. But seriously, the next time you (or anyone else for that matter) stops by the south side of Indy, please let me know!


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