Friday, July 27, 2007

Bored in the Minivan

For those of you who didn't already know this, my family has five birthdays within the span of a month and a half during the summer (Specifically, mine, my brother's, my grandfather's, and our two adopted cousins, Sarah and Sam). So, as a result, we traditionally travel up to Minnesota for a weekend at the end of July so that we can all celebrate together at once. Well, we're on our way up there now (if the pictures I'm attaching work, you should be able to see that Kathy is with us) and we just stopped at the Culver's in Tomah for a snack.

For those interested in such things, this will likely be my last or second-to-last post from this cell phone. That's right folks, I'm getting a new phone! I'm switching to Sprint (after being with Cingular for years) and will soon be the owner of an HTC Mogul (Google it if you want to learn what it looks like, I'm not going to bother typing links on my phone). Here's the way I see it:

The Upside: I get a better plan for a lot less money per month (more minutes, faster data, and I can tether it to my laptop as a wireless broadband internet connection).

The Downside: I have to give up a phone I love (Cingular 3125, aka HTC Star Trek) for the bulkier Mogul (although it is a lot more powerful, being a full PocketPC).

The Mogul should arrive on Monday or Tuesday and I'm expecting to have it up and running by Wednesday (don't worry, my number isn't changing).

Ok, that's enough for now, have a good weekend!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A View From The Bus

So, I've got some bad news:

My trip to Lafayette and Indianapolis is over.

I'm currently sitting on a Metra train pulling out of Ogillve (sp?) Station in downtown Chicago on my way to Geneva, where I'll pick up my car and drive the last couple of miles home. The picture is of the view out the window as my bus arrived in Chicago a half-hour ago.

My trip was fantastic. I really enjoyed seeing my friends in Lafayette and getting some quality time with them (something I've definitely been missing as I sit at my basement desk all day, every day), as well as seeing some of the people at my church who've really become family over the last four years.

After a couple of days in Lafayette, I got on a train down to Indy to spend a few days with Kathy. We spent Monday visiting Purv (my former roommate) and riding his horses, then spent Tuesday relaxing at her house, and finished our visit today with a trip to the Indianapolis Zoo (where she's working this summer).

Ok, that's enough of an update for now, I'm tired of typing on my cell phone (and only lasted this long thanks to Windows Mobile and t9 Text Entry). I think I'll just spend the rest of the ride missing everybody...

Friday, July 13, 2007

On the train

I wrote the post below on the train on my way to Indiana, but due to some bugs in the system it didn't show up until after I got back. Anyway, enjoy!

Ah, the joys of Windows Mobile! That's right folks, I'm sitting on the Chicago Metra punching this out on my cell phone (It's times like this that I love t9 text entry) as I ride into downtown to catch my AmTrak to Lafayette (and to think, I don't even have an iPhone!). As nice as this is, it will be a lot easier if I end up buying that OQO ultra-portable computer in a few months.
Here's a view out the window (yeah, I know it's not much to look at, but still):

(looks like the picture might not work, I guess we'll see.)

I've already figured out that I forgot some study materials for Big Sky that I was going to work on while on the train. :( Oh well, I guess.

Well, time to post this, see you later!

New (used) Car

Hey folks, just a quick little update before I leave town for a few days (going to Lafayette to visit people there Saturday and Sunday and then onto Indy to see Kathy Monday-Wednesday). I bought a car! It's a 2000 Honda Accord EX with 93,000 miles and practically in new condition. The downside is that it's a stick shift (which I find annoying), but I was able to get a really good deal for the car because it had been on the lot for 45 days and nobody wanted a stick! I actually paid less for it than Kelly Blue Book said such a car would be worth in "Good" condition from a private party seller (and it was definitely in excellent condition from a car dealership). Here are some pictures (to appease the people who absolutely demanded that I post pics):


Car Ad-style shot:
Cru sticker and, just to make me feel old, Purdue alumni license plate holder (a graduation gift from my wonderful girlfriend):

Interior (with that blasted manual transmission!):


I figure I have enough room for at least two bodies in here:

And finally, one last extra touch I got at the Mall of America...

Anyway, I've got a lot to get done before I get on my train out of town later today, so I've got to end my post without the usual deluge of random links and news from my boring life at home (hmm, well, no need for an update then, the word "boring" really about sums it up). Still no news about when training for Big Sky will start, I don't think they've set the August class date yet.

Ok, fine! If you're going to demand my random links so much, here's a couple of car-related ones:

Watch the video on this one, it's insane!
1993 Lincoln Mark VIII Rolling Door Concept Car

W00t for Photoshop!
(at least, I hope these are Photoshopped, otherwise I WANT ONE!!!)

And, just because it's so supremely cool, here's one that's not car related (watch the video all the way through, the really awesome part comes near the end):
Music generated by the sparking of a Tesla Coil

And for you aviation buffs:
Insane 747 landing at St. Maarten

Ok, that's it for today, later everyone!