Friday, July 13, 2007

On the train

I wrote the post below on the train on my way to Indiana, but due to some bugs in the system it didn't show up until after I got back. Anyway, enjoy!

Ah, the joys of Windows Mobile! That's right folks, I'm sitting on the Chicago Metra punching this out on my cell phone (It's times like this that I love t9 text entry) as I ride into downtown to catch my AmTrak to Lafayette (and to think, I don't even have an iPhone!). As nice as this is, it will be a lot easier if I end up buying that OQO ultra-portable computer in a few months.
Here's a view out the window (yeah, I know it's not much to look at, but still):

(looks like the picture might not work, I guess we'll see.)

I've already figured out that I forgot some study materials for Big Sky that I was going to work on while on the train. :( Oh well, I guess.

Well, time to post this, see you later!


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