Friday, July 27, 2007

Bored in the Minivan

For those of you who didn't already know this, my family has five birthdays within the span of a month and a half during the summer (Specifically, mine, my brother's, my grandfather's, and our two adopted cousins, Sarah and Sam). So, as a result, we traditionally travel up to Minnesota for a weekend at the end of July so that we can all celebrate together at once. Well, we're on our way up there now (if the pictures I'm attaching work, you should be able to see that Kathy is with us) and we just stopped at the Culver's in Tomah for a snack.

For those interested in such things, this will likely be my last or second-to-last post from this cell phone. That's right folks, I'm getting a new phone! I'm switching to Sprint (after being with Cingular for years) and will soon be the owner of an HTC Mogul (Google it if you want to learn what it looks like, I'm not going to bother typing links on my phone). Here's the way I see it:

The Upside: I get a better plan for a lot less money per month (more minutes, faster data, and I can tether it to my laptop as a wireless broadband internet connection).

The Downside: I have to give up a phone I love (Cingular 3125, aka HTC Star Trek) for the bulkier Mogul (although it is a lot more powerful, being a full PocketPC).

The Mogul should arrive on Monday or Tuesday and I'm expecting to have it up and running by Wednesday (don't worry, my number isn't changing).

Ok, that's enough for now, have a good weekend!


At 9:45 PM, Blogger Leah said...

Are you going to have a memorial service for da phone? I'll send flowers if you'd be wantin' me to.
btw--My "sister-in-law" and I crashed a bachelor party last night with silly string. You'd be soooooo proud. We were gonna sneak into the bowling alley and put beans in their shoes while they bowled, but we got a tip that they'd left... Four cans--all different colors!!!!!!!!!!! :) Groom was covered!!!

At 2:26 AM, Blogger Rebecca said...

*gasp* Changing phones? Inconceivable.


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