Saturday, September 22, 2007

Quoth the Sim Nazi: "No day off for you!"

Today my airwork was kinda hit-and-miss. There were some things I did really well at and others not so well. Unfortunately, they've decided Melanie (my sim partner) needs more work, so the company is going to pay nearly a thousand dollars to get her an extra period of a couple of hours in the sim tomorrow (our "day off"). Even though I won't get any PF (Pilot Flying) time' this means that I'm going to have to come in too. :(

I'm still hoping to have the time to listen to the really-fantastic Driscoll sermon I have on my phone (I've been wanting to listen to it again and it would be too hard to find my way to a church tomorrow, so I was going to listen to it instead) and talk to Kathy, but I'm still bummed about not having the whole day off.Ok, our break's about over (I just go done flying, now it's Melanie's turn for the next couple of hours), so I g2g. Later everyone!

Disclaimer: By the title of this post, I in no way desire to imply anything negative about my sim instructor (in fact, Steve is a skilled instructor and I have a lot of respect for him); it is merely humorous reference to a well-known Seinfeld episode.


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